October-December 2019


At this point in our team growth, we had a newly hired Head of Product and Product Designer and had doubled our engineering team. As a design team of two, up to this point, we had prioritized moving fast and hadn’t done a great job of documenting all…



This practice was developed over the course of 3 years with many improvements along the way, based on feedback and suggestions from many co-workers across the team.

My Role

Design Lead


How might we consistently and effectively understand how our users are experiencing newly released features?


The process of conducting user…

Completed in Fall 2020, 3 weeks


After two years of building the app Meal Hero, our team had reached a critical point in development. In order to continue in an efficient and reasonable manner, it was necessary for our engineers to switch from Ionic to React Native.

As a product…

Mary Knight

I’m a Product Design Leader and Researcher working at the intersection of social impact and technology.

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