October-December 2019


At this point in our team growth, we had a newly hired Head of Product and Product Designer and had doubled our engineering team. As a design team of two, up to this point, we had prioritized moving fast and hadn’t done a great job of documenting all…

November 2020 — January 2021


When our growth pod was created, we had one purpose — to increase retention. After one year, the first-month retention was raised from 27% to 47%, nearing our goal of 50%. We knew we would want to start scaling acquisition when we hit our retention…



This practice was developed over the course of 3 years with many improvements along the way, based on feedback and suggestions from many co-workers across the team.

My Role

Design Lead


How might we consistently and effectively understand how our users are experiencing newly released features?


The process of conducting user…

July-September 2020


When this work began, we had a web product and a mobile app. They had some similarities and some differences. …

Completed in Fall 2020, 3 weeks


After two years of building the app Meal Hero, our team had reached a critical point in development. In order to continue in an efficient and reasonable manner, it was necessary for our engineers to switch from Ionic to React Native.

As a product…

Mary Knight

I’m a Product Design Leader and Researcher working at the intersection of social impact and technology.

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